FUSIONIZE: Improving Serverless Application Performance through Feedback-Driven Function Fusion


Serverless computing increases developer productivity by removing operational concerns such as managing hardware or software runtimes. Developers, however, still need to partition their application into functions, which can be error-prone and adds complexity: Using a small function size where only the smallest logical unit of an application is inside a function maximizes flexibility and reusability. Yet, having small functions leads to invocation overheads, additional cold starts, and may increase cost due to double billing during synchronous invocations. In this paper we present Fusionize, a framework that removes these concerns from developers by automatically fusing the application code into a multi-function orchestration with varying function size. Developers only need to write the application code following a lightweight programming model and do not need to worry how the application is turned into functions. Our framework automatically fuses different parts of the application into functions and manages their interactions. Leveraging monitoring data, the framework optimizes the distribution of application parts to functions to optimize deployment goals such as end-to-end latency and cost. Using two example applications, we show that Fusionizecan automatically and iteratively improve the deployment artifacts of the application.

IEEE International Conference on Cloud Engineering (IC2E)