CrossFit: Fine-grained Benchmarking of Serverless Application Performance across Cloud Providers


Serverless computing emerged as a promising cloud computing paradigm for deploying cloud-native applications but raises new performance challenges. Existing performance evaluation studies focus on micro-benchmarking to measure an individual aspect of serverless functions, such as CPU speed, but lack an in-depth analysis of differences in application performance across cloud providers. This paper presents CrossFit, an approach for detailed and fair cross-provider performance benchmarking of serverless applications based on a provider-independent tracing model. Our case study demonstrates how detailed distributed tracing enables drill-down analysis to explain performance differences between two leading cloud providers, AWS and Azure. The results for an asynchronous application show that trigger time contributes most delay to the end-to-end latency and explains the main performance difference between cloud providers. Our results further reveal how increasing and bursty workloads affect performance stability, median latency, and tail latency.

IEEE/ACM 15th International Conference on Utility and Cloud Computing (UCC)